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Cooperation with renowned manufacturers of electrical insulation materials and conductors enables us to supply our customers fast, with high quality and at affordable prices the necessary materials for maintenance and overhaul of all types of electrical machines.

Why choose us?


We offer materials for the manufacture and repair of all types of electric motors, generators, transformers and other electrical machines.

Technical support

With the offer of modern electrical insulation materials and conductors, we also provide technical support for application, control and srvice of drying and filtration of transformer oil.


Connection with reputable manufacturers, enables us to deliver to our esteemed customers all necessary materials for maintenance and overhaul of all types of electric machines quickly, qualitatively and at favorable prices.

Large selection of raw materials

Through cooperation with reputable manufacturers, we offer our customers the widest selection of the best and most affordable materials, tools and spare parts.


guaranteed quality through cooperation with reputable manufacturers


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Armije BiH br. 28, 75290 Banovići, Bosnia & Herzegovina